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Development Tools Support StrongARM Architecture

The High C/C++ Compiler tool chain and the SeeCode source-code debugger are now available for embedded developers targeting Intel's XScale architecture. ARM tools support ARM, StrongARM, and Xscale, and can support a mix of Thumb and ARM code within the same file. All ARM variants, with C, C++, and Embedded C++ support, are available in the standard tool chain as shipped. The company's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will be included with all new product releases beginning in Q2. The tools are available for Windows 9x/NT/2000 and Solaris 2.x hosts. The tool set for the ARM family includes a highly optimizing C/C++ compiler, a sophisticated linker, assembler, and a complete set of utilities for producing high quality, fast, and compact code for embedded and real-time applications. A key component in the toolset is SeeCode, the object-oriented source-level debugger, which is shipped with the ability to debug multiple processors simultaneously. METAWARE INC., Santa Cruz, CA. (831) 429-6382.


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