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Development Toolset Optimizes Automated Memory Utilization

The C166/ST10 Software Development toolset V7.5 delivers advanced automated memory utilization for the complete range of C166/ST10 derivatives. With an enhanced development environment, this version also features an improved Linker/Locator and a restyled debugger.

The Global Storage Optimization (GSO) feature enables the developer to maximize utilization of any memory model, particularly small models. This makes the C166/ST10 a leading software development solution for Infineon's C166, STMicroelectronics' ST10, or Micronas' SDA6000/M2 microcontrollers or their derivatives. The GSO feature of the C/C++/EC++ compilers maximizes memory utilization by automatically filling in memory qualifiers based on the suitability of objects in either near or far memory spaces. The whole application is precompiled first to gather information about all static objects, then compiled again using the optimum memory configuration as determined by the GSO.

The C166/ST10 toolset is now available on MS-Windows, Sun/Solaris, HP/UX, and PC/Linux. Available now, the C compiler and CrossView Pro simulator package starts at $2650.

Altium Limited
www.altium.com; +61 2 9975 7710

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