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Digital I/O Card Auto-Generates Interrupts

Under software control, the PCI-DIO-48HS digital I/O card for PCI-bus users can be enabled to automatically generate a latched interrupt request whenever one or more of the inputs change state. This feature eliminates the need to continuously poll inputs to detect contact closures or other control inputs.
Other features of the PCI 48-bit digital I/O card include connection via a 100-pin solid-state-compatible connector, 48 digital I/O lines with tri-state buffering, and pull-ups on the I/O lines. Included software provides menu-driven setup programs, drivers for DOS, Visual Basic, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT, and other utilities. A lower-cost version, the PCI-DIO-48H, includes the same features as the -48HS except for the latter's change-of-state-driven interrupt capability. The PCI-DIO-48HS and -48H cost $345 and $255, respectively, with delivery from stock to one week ARO.


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