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Dual-Core Microcontroller Handles Industrial Apps

The DCIC9907 MCU is optimized for ac drive control. It packs a pair of 128-MHz ARM946 processors, two DMA controllers, two controller-area-network (CAN) controllers, and two Ethernet media-access controllers with PowerLink real-time extensions on one chip. Each processor has 16 kbytes of instruction cache, 4 kbytes of data cache, 32 kbytes of instruction tightly coupled memory (TCM), and 4 or 8 kbytes of data TCM. One processor is designated as the host, and the other is the controller. Each has its own dedicated 32-interrupt controller. They share a 2-kbyte boot ROM, 1 kbyte of data SRAM, and 96 kbytes of SRAM for code or data. There are four serial ports, four serial-peripheralinterface ports, and three-phase pulse-width modulators (PWMs). The chip can handle up to eight banks of external memory, including SDRAM and flash memory. JTAG and ETM support is included as well. Dualcore's DCIC9907 costs $20.

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