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Dual-Platform Linux Toolkit Quickens Development/Test Pace

The Linux Pro ADK (Application Development Kit) from Monta Vista Software supports a generic x86 environment and the developer's choice of platform, such as PowerPC, ARM, SH, or MIPS. The ADK combines support for both platforms with Monta Vista's Eclipse-based DevRocket integrated development environment (IDE). This lets application developers create and test applications on a readily available x86-based PC. The applications can then be quickly ported to the target environment.

The DevRocket IDE includes a graphical development environment and GNU-based toolchain, as well as tools for memory analysis, code profiling, and system configuration. Linux Pro ADK pricing starts at $3000. The Consumer Electronics Edition ADK and Linux Carrier Grade Edition ADK provide additional platform support. Both will be available this year.

Monta Vista Software Inc.
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