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Eclipse-Based Java Environment Handles Hard Real-Time Jobs

DDC-I’s Scorpion Java development environment aims to simplify the development of hard real-time applications that combine Java, C, EC++, and Ada.

Scorpion, a Java development environment, greatly simplifies the development of applications that combine Java, C, EC++, and Ada, and is the first Eclipse-based environment for hard real-time Java development and mixed-language integration, according to DDC-I Inc. The environment supports the existing Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ), and will support the emerging safety-critical Java specification presently under development by the Safety-Critical Java Expert Group. Scorpion is the only real-time Java that provides deterministic garbage collection, a prerequisite for executing bounded, hard real-time applications, according to DDC-I. The garbage collector is fully distributed, which reduces overall Java complexity. It also enhances memory efficiency and performance by reducing garbage accumulation and the memory and time required to store and collect it.

The Scorpion environment features compilers for Java, Ada, C, and Embedded C++; a builder for ahead-of-time Java file compilation; and a virtual machine (ScorpionVM) for executing real-time Java applications. The environment also features a smart linker that reduces code size up to 80% by removing unused objects from closed systems, and a profiler that helps optimize speed and size tradeoffs by determining the best mix of compiled and interpreted code. To facilitate mixed-language development, Scorpion provides an Eclipse plug-in that automatically maps Java native method calls directly to existing Ada/C code. This unique tool enables Java programs to call existing C and Ada programs, thereby simplifying mixed language development and the migration of legacy code. Scorpion is initially available for target systems running VxWorks 6.4 on PowerPC and Pentium processors. The environment also supports VxSim (VxWorks simulator) targets.

Scorpion is available immediately.
Contact the company for price information.
Visit www.ddci.com.

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