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Eclipse For Linux

Timestorm from Timesys (www.timesys.com) is another system integrated development environment (IDE) based on the open-source Eclipse project. It joins QNX's (www.qnx.com) Momentics as one of the full-blown environments handling real-time operating-system configuration and debugging in addition to application development and debugging.

Eclipse is a Java-based development environment initially developed by IBM and placed into open-source development. It has a flexible plug-in architecture that's conducive to third-party product support. IBM uses Eclipse in its Websphere development tools.

TimeStorm supports cross development for TimeSys Linux using C, C++, and Java. Eclipse projects can encompass a range of platforms for large development jobs. Developers using Eclipse or Eclipse-based products will have an edge in using new Eclipse plug-ins, migrating, or using other Eclipse-based platforms.

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