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EDA Tool Automates Logic Design In MCU-Based Systems

Designed to automate the configuration of the programmable logic and memory on the company's EasyFLASH PSD devices, the PSDsoft 2000 EDA software claims to provide a completely automated programmable logic design flow for the PSDs' microcontroller interface. This includes memory mapping, chip selects, pin assignments, and custom peripherals such as state machines, counters or shifters. The tool automatically cross checks for system and logic errors and then merges the logic design with the microcontroller firmware.
The application provides HDL designs of commonly used MCU peripherals, including comparators, decoders, multiplexers, tri-state buffers, and counters from pop-up menus. Over 40 ready-to-use templates with the memory map of commonly used MCUs is also included. Pricing is $89.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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