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EDGE Power Amp Supports Longer Transmit Times

The company's quad-band linear EDGE power amplifier module targets 2.75G and 3G cell phones, PDAs, and wireless PC cards that use the GSM/EDGE cellular standard. Dubbed the AWT6172, the module supports operation in the GSM850, GSM900, DCS, and PCS bands. It delivers efficiencies of up to 55% in GMSK mode for longer talk times with a linearity of 64 dBc ACPR at 28.5 dBm of output power. Housed in a 6 mm x 6 mm x 1.1 mm package, the module is built on InGaP-Plus HBT technology and is EGPRS capable (class 12). Saturated output power in GMSK mode is specified as +35 dBm in the GSM850/900 bands and at +33 dBm in the DCS/PCS bands. Efficiencies for both bands are 55% and 50%, respectively. Comparable numbers for EDGE linear power are +28.5 dBm and +27.5 dBm for GSM850/900 and DCS, respectively. ANADIGICS INC., Warren, NJ. (908) 668-5000.


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