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Educational Video Series Addresses Importance of Laminate Materials

Educational Video Series Addresses Importance of Laminate Materials

Isola announced a new technical education series (TES) aimed at addressing the greater roles assumed by laminate materials in the system-level design process. The TES was developed to update system-level designers through a series of videos. Four initial videos can be accessed by logging into Topics include issues that can affect the performance of printed-circuit boards (PCBs) and how the selection of PCB materials can enhance the functionality of designs. Three of the videos, Minimizing Skew in Very High-speed Serial Data Links; How Much Bandwidth Does a High-speed Differential Pair Require?; and The Merits and Drawbacks of Using Low-Dk Laminates in High-speed PCBs, are presented by Lee Ritchey of Speeding Edge. The fourth video, Passive Intermodulation (PIM) in PCBs, is presented by Mike Miller of Isola. The videos are free, with additional videos arriving throughout the year.


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