Electronic Design

Elma Makes MicroTCA Managable

Elma Bustronic has been busy lately with both VXS (Elma Delivers A Full Mesh Backplane and VXS Extender, ED Online #11994) and MicroTCA (MicroTCA Backplane Offers 14 Slots, ED Online #13457). The company is part of a larger organization that includes Optima EPS. At Bus and Board, Elma/Optima EPS was showing off its MicroTCA cabinet enclosure.

The highlight was the MicroTCA 19-in. cabinet. It has a 44U height, 750-mm width and a 300-mm depth. It accepts 10 MicroTCA single width subracks. This can handle 120 full-size AMC modules or 240 compact modules. The cabinet can hold up to 6 KW of head exchangers and fan-based cooling support.

MicroTCA cabinets start under $3000. For more information, go to Elma Bustronic and Optima EPS.

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