Electronic Design

Embedded: Flash MCUs Cut Power Consumption

The MegaAVR product family has five new 16-MHz versions with multiple sleep modes and a fast-starting, 8-MHz internal oscillator with 2% accuracy. A watchdog timer features an independent 1-MHz clock. The chips consume only 100 nA at 1.8 V in power-down mode. These flash-based MCUs also have 16 to 64 Mbytes of flash memory and 1 to 4 kbytes of RAM and EEPROM. They incorporate an analog comparator and an eight-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter. Digital peripherals include a serial peripheral interface, timers, four pulse-width modulation channels, 32 general-purpose I/O ports, and a USART. All of the products contain a JTAG debugging interface. Pricing starts at $0.25 for the Mega165. Development kits are available.

Atmel Corp.

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