Electronic Design

Embedded Module Enlists AMD G Series Dual Core Processor

The latest conga-QAF Qseven module exploits the AMD Embedded G-Series to offer two processor options: G-T40E 1-GHz dual core (6.4W) and the G-T40R 1-GHz single core (5.5W) with up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory. The processors’ integrated graphics core with the Universal Video Decoder 3.0 provides seamless processing of blu-ray content via HDCP (1080p), MPEG-2, HD, and DivX (MPEG-4) video. The AMD G-Series graphics unit can also be used for compute-intensive parallelizable operations that are normally executed by the processor. OpenCL support is offered to ensure that non-graphics related standard operations are also easy and straightforward to perform. Additionally, the conga-QAF Qseven module measures just 70 mm x 70 mm. Pricing starts under $200 each. CONGATEC INC., San Diego, CA. (858) 457-2600

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