Wireless Systems Design

Embedded Modules Form Powerful RF Engines

The ability to exploit higher wireless data-transmission speeds lets OEMs maximize the value of adding wireless connectivity to end products. To that end, Sierra Wireless's dual-band EM5625 embedded module comprises a powerful and reliable wireless engine that can be integrated into a wide range of mobile devices. The module is the first Sierra Wireless product to incorporate Qualcomm's MSM6500 Mobile Station Modem chip set. It therefore provides high-speed, high-capacity wireless data functionality that supports the CDMA 1X and CDMA 1xEV-DO standards.

The module offers "always-on" voice, data, and messaging functionality at typical data speeds of 300 to 500 kbps with bursts of up to 2.4 Mbps. Additional features include enhanced power management to optimize battery life as well as gpsOne capability, which complies with E-911 requirements for emergency location. The company also offers a comprehensive suite of integration services for OEMs including a Universal Development Kit to simplify the integration process and shrink time to market.

The EM5625 embedded module is scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2005. Please contact the company for pricing and delivery information.

Sierra Wireless
13811 Wireless Way, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6V 3A4; (604) 231-1100, FAX: (604) 231-1109, www.sierrawireless.com.

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