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Embedded Modules Offer New Functional Test Possibilities

The ETS Series modular test instruments target engineers who develop custom test equipment that support functional test. The modular instruments are specifically for embedded operation, which allows for direct installation into mechanical test fixtures, custom instrument boxes, or ATE systems. They are employable with traditional PC-based test equipment or can be driven by most embedded microcontrollers, i.e., ARM, AVR, PIC or STAMP. There are four instruments available: the SF-MATE, DUT-MATE, Check-MATE, and DAQ-MATE. The SF-MATE allows functional test equipment to perform ICT-like functions. The DUT-MATE provides a power-switching solution for the device-under-test while the Check-MATE offers a low-cost assortment of analog and digital I/O. The DAQ-MATE delivers 32 analog input channels, each providing 12-bits of resolution and selectable range modes. For more details and pricing, call OVERTON INSTRUMENTS, Sacramento, CA. (916) 519-2463.


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