Electronic Design

Embedded: Network-Reprogrammable CAN MCU Suits Power Control Applications

The T90CAN32/64 is a 16-MIPS, 8-bit AVRbased microcontroller with a built-in controller-area network (CAN) interface. With its CAN-based in-application programming capability, the chip can be reprogrammed over the CAN bus. This implementation lets this occur without disturbing the CAN bus exchanges, enabling a system to continue running even as one unit is being reprogrammed. Custom bootloaders are supported. CANopen, DeviceNet, and J1939 CAN protocol stacks are available. Peripherals include 16-bit timers with enhanced pulse-width-modulation capabilities plus a 10-bit, eight-channel analog-to-digital converter for power control applications. Pricing for the AT90CAN32/64 starts at $4.50 for the 32-kbyte flash version, which also features 2 kbytes of RAM and 512 bytes of EEPROM. The 64-kbyte flash version, which doubles all memory, costs $5. It's available in thin quad flat pack and quad flat no-lead 64-pin packages. The ATDVK90CAN1 development kit costs $115.


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