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2U Chassis Comes With Three-Slot VME64X And CompactPCI Backplane Options. The 2U Type 39 horizontal chassis from Elma Electronics can handle four-slot and now three-slot backplanes. The latter leave more space for internal devices and cabling. The backplanes also fit into Type 32 and Type 15 chassis. The Type 39 holds one 3.5-in. drive and a horizontally mounted, slim line 5.25-in. CD. It costs $875.


C++ Compiler Rounds Out Integrated Development Environment. The code|lab embedded developer suite for Motorola's 32-bit Coldfire microprocessor line now features a new version of the Microtec C/C++ compiler suite. Pricing for the Microtec compiler starts at $2400.


Fully Channelized T3 PMC Adapter Tackles Communications Applications. The wanPMC-C1T3 PCI mezzanine card (PMC) is a channelized T3 wide-area networking adapter that can terminate 672 HDLC channels. The wanPMC-C1T3 includes an M13 multiplexer, 28 T1/E1 framers, signal conditioning, B3ZS coding, loopback capability, and a 32/64-bit 33/66-MHz PCI interface. Drivers are included for TimeSys and Red Hat Linux.


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