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Embedded Virtualization App Fortifies Single And Multi-Core Processors

Embedded Virtualization App Fortifies Single And Multi-Core Processors

ESC 2010 Silicon Valley

Embedded Systems Conference, April 2010 – Lauded as the most feature-rich secure separation kernel and embedded hypervisor, LynxSecure 4.0 introduces symmetric multiprocessing guest operating system support, offering new performance possibilities when running multiple guest operating systems on multi-core Core i7 and i5 processors. Commonly employed to develop applications in military programs to high levels of security, LynxSecure is equally viable for networking, consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive apps. It makes it possible to safely run multiple applications and different guest operating systems on a single platform by isolating them into separate partitions. Using multi-core processors, it provides the ability to consolidate two normally physically separate systems into one. LynxSecure 4.0 provides a seamless migration path for LynuxWorks users whose Linux- and POSIX-based applications can now run on virtualized Red Hat Linux and LynxOS family environments within LynxSecure partitions. LynxSecure 4.0 will be available in May. LynuxWorks, San Jose, CA. (800) 255-5969.


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