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Embedded Virtualization Drives In-Vehicle Infotainment

Open Kernel Labs’ OKL4 virtualization software for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) lowers costs by eliminating separate physical processors for each domain and provides an integration platform to align the lifecycles of consumer-facing wireless technology with safety-critical in-car capabilities. Building on the strong isolation of the microkernel-based OKL4 Microvisor, OKL4 facilitates consolidating IVI functions and instant-on systems (e.g., for CAN and MOST networking, etc.) onto a single host processing unit, reducing bill of materials costs. Other features include dedicated virtual machines to isolate core automotive functions from application environments, support for staged boot and independent reboot to give core automotive software fast start-up times for instant-on systems, hosting of multiple OSes and/or OSes instances for simultaneous of support of GENIVI (Linux), Android and AUTOSAR environments, and optimization for ARM Cortex processors. Open Kernel Labs, Chicago, IL. (312) 924-1445.

TAGS: Automotive
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