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Embedded: Wireless Kits Streamline 8-Bit Development

Two new 8-bit application development kits make wireless development much easier. The Machine2ME: Machine-to-Machine with Ethernet uses a 44.2-MHz RCM3200 RabbitCore module with a 10/100BaseT interface. This is coupled with a Wavecom Fastrack Dual Band GSM/GPRS modem and support software, permitting the module to act as a gateway between other modules from the company and a host system anywhere in the world, including a GSM phone or PDA. The WiFi Application Kit, based on a 29.4-MHz RCM3100 RabbitCore module, includes a LinkSys CompactFlash 802.11b card. This enables the unit to communicate with other network systems, like the RCM3200 in the Machine2ME kit, via a wireless access point. The Machine2ME Application Kit costs $699. The WiFi Application Kit costs $599, but it's currently available for $299.

Rabbit Semiconductor

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