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Ember And Computime Deliver Affordable ZigBee Platform

Ember, provider of ZigBee networks, and electronic-controls maker Computime have teamed together to offer OEMs what they call a fast, easy, and affordable way to bring ZigBee products to market. Computime has developed a family of low-cost plug-and-play ZigBee modules based on Ember’s EM250 and EM260 chipsets and EmberZNet ZigBee software. The low-power CT-EM250 and CT-EM260 RF transceiver modules are designed to embed wireless mesh networking capabilities into products for building and home automation, etc. The integrated-antenna modules measure 20.32 mm x 25.52 mm x 3 mm, and external-antenna versions measure 20.32 mm x 19.53 mm x 3 mm. Both types integrate a 2.4-GHz, IEEE 802.15.4-compliant transceiver with a 16-bit XAP2b microprocessor. Other features include flash memory, RAM, and peripherals. The CT-EM250 and CT-EM260 RF modules are available in volume for less than $10 each depending on quantity. EMBER CORP., Boston, MA. (617) 951-0200.

Company: EMBER CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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