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Enterpret Launches Largest English-To-Spanish Mobile Dictionary

On Feb. 11, Enterpret Communications, Inc. announced the launch of the Enterpreter Mobile Translator. According to Enterpret, this unit will have the largest English-to-Spanish translation database out there for handsets. The Enterpreter is available as downloadable content as an on-deck solution for carriers, for OEMs, and through several distribution channels. After downloading the application, users will have access to over 695,000 translated words, 200,000 phrases, and can receive spoken translation and save it for future use. Also, the software can conjugate 20,000 verbs into 17 different tenses. “We experienced an overwhelming response from the US market since we introduced our English-Spanish Enterpreter™ in late 2007,” says Tony Sailer, CEO/Founder of Enterpret. “We’re very excited to expand distribution of our Spanish language application into Latin America and Europe. By the end of the second quarter, Enterpreter will add a Euro-Pack language data base and expand distribution throughout Western Europe.” Enterpret is also working on products for 14 other languages, and plans to launch these in 2008. Upon completed these resources, Enterpret will enable users to pair additional languages with their current English-to-Spanish functionality—allowing cross-cultural communications. Enterpret Communications

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