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ESC Silicon Valley 2010 Preview

ESC Silicon Valley 2010 Preview

More ESC 2010 SV Coverage

Take a periodic look at our ESC Silicon Valley 2010 page and ESC Silicon Valley 2010 videos page for up to date coverage of the show. These pages have lots of information already and will be updated as the show progresses. There will be even more after the show as we get a chance to present all we saw at the show. This will include lots of video interviews. In fact, I have three video previews I did that will be up shortly. 

If my waiting list of vendors is any indication then this year's Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in San Jose is going to be great. I'm booked all week and have been talking with vendors for the past two weeks. I can't provide all the details right now but there are a few that have provided information prior to ESC that I can share.

Dr. Michio Kaku will be delivering the keynote speech this year. Among his many accomplishments he is the co-founder of the string field theory. It should be a fun keynote.

In the meantime, check out these videos we did before the show. If you make it to ESC you can see these products first hand.

Reference platforms galore can be found at the show. The likes of Microchip and Cypress Semiconductor will have platforms for developing iPhone and iPod add-on hardware (see Use The Right Platform To Develop Your iPhone Add-Ons).

Many of the trends are similar to last year such as low power and multicore microprocessors. USB 3.0 will be rearing its head and 6 Mbit/s SATA drives, especially solid state drives, will be hiding under the hood. Android will be found in many booths as will the latest Windows Embedded Stanrdard 7 from Microsoft.

The emphasis is on multicore this year with the Multicore Expo being colocated at the McEnery Convention Center. There will be a plethora of products based on multicore Intel Core i7 and Xeon processors competing with everything multicore Freescale QorIQ (see Multicore and More) to Texas Instrument's OMAP (see OMAP ARMed with Corex-M3). There will also be a number of OMAP-based BeagleBoards (see Open Source Bites Board) at the showing off applications and tools including IBM's Rhapsody (see UML And C No Longer Oil And Water) creating an Andriod UML-based application running on the BeagleBoard in just 10 minutes. Should be an interesting demo.

More to come.

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