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Evaluation Kit Supports Unique Power-Generation Technology

Groomed for assessing the company’s power-generation technology, the eTEG thermoelectric power generation evaluation kit reportedly eliminates the need for a sophisticated laboratory set up and requires modest equipment to measure power generated by eTEG UPF40 devices. The thin-film embedded thermoelectric devices generate electrical power via the Seebeck effect, whereby electricity is produced from a temperature differential applied across the device. The evaluation kit includes a thick film heater, an embedded eTEG UPF40 module, a heat sink/fan assembly, and thermocouples. It provides the full thermal path from heat source to heat sink and requires only a power supply for the heater and a volt meter to measure the voltage generated by the eTEG across a load resistor. The eTEG kit is available for $295. NEXTREME THERMAL SOLUTIONS INC., Durham, NC. (919) 597-7300.


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