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Expandable Memory Extends PDA's A/V Capabilities

The Sony CLIÉ handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) combines standard personal organizer functions with enhanced digital imaging features. Providing 8 Mbytes of internal memory, the CLIÉ (Communication, Link, Information, and Entertainment) device works on the Palm OS 3.5.

This PDA comes bundled with an 8-Mbyte Memory Stick, along with a slot for Memory Stick media. While 64-Mbyte sticks are currently available and 128-Mbyte sticks are projected for release next year, a 256-Mbyte version is currently under development.

Such expandable memory lets users integrate more powerful audio and video applications into the handheld device. Also, the development of small, single-function devices that fit into the Memory Stick slot is ongoing. These include a small camera, a global positioning satellite (GPS) tracker, a Bluetooth connector, and a voice recorder.

The device's exclusive Jog Dial navigator extends single-hand, scroll-and-select menu navigation. A monochrome LCD screen with 160- by 160-pixel resolution and a stylus also are included. Featuring a USB cradle for PC connection and an infrared port interface, the CLIÉ is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. A single charge lasts up to approximately 15 days with normal use. With 2.79- by 0.60- by 4.52-in. dimensions, the PDA weighs only 4.27 oz as well.

Other key features include PictureGear Pocket software, for storing and viewing digital images, and gMedia application software for viewing video clips. AvantGo mobile Internet service accesses over 400 channels of optimized content and applications. And, TrueSync software synchronizes calendar, address book, notes, and to-do items between the CLIÉ, Palm Desktop organizer software, Microsoft Outlook, and Lotus Organizer.

Available now, the CLIÉ costs $399. Bundled accessories include a protective carrying case, an 8-Mbyte memory stick, a USB HotSync cradle and charger, an ac travel adapter, and a stylus.


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