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Express Logic Enters IDE Market With BenchX

Expanding beyond its real-time OS and middleware markets, Express Logic Inc. has introduced BenchX, a comprehensive Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded systems. The Eclipse community’s contributions to IDE technology have allowed BenchX to be introduced as a mature, commercial product that is well-suited for developers using ARM, ColdFire, PowerPC, or MIPS architectures, according to Express Logic.

BenchX is based on Eclipse Europa CDT Release 4.0 and contains a complete Windows-hosted graphical IDE, a project builder with a new-project wizard, a language-sensitive editor and code browser, and GNU C/C++ compilers. The package also features a GDB debugger with graphical interface, target-instruction-set simulator, user tutorials, and a target connectivity hardware probe. The IDE is licensed without license keys, making it easier to install and use immediately.

Because it strictly adheres to the Eclipse interface standards, BenchX also may be enhanced through the addition of other tools, such as debuggers, editors, debug probes, and advanced analysis tools that are Eclipse compatible. Since it is RTOS agnostic, BenchX is available for use not only with Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS, but also for use without an RTOS or with any other RTOS, in-house or commercial.

BenchX is available now, with support for ARM’s ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, and Cortex-M3/R4/A8/A9, Freescale’s ColdFire and PowerPC, and the MIPS32 4k, 24k, 34k, and 74k. Licenses start at under $1000 per seat, including debug probe, documentation, and one year of technical support.

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