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Extender Lets New Computers Use Old ISA Cards

Old ISA cards can be teamed up with a new PRO 700 PCI-to-ISA Bus Extender set. Combined with an ISA chassis or backplane, the Pro 700 lets you continue to use ISA cards in newer computers lacking ISA slots. Because the capabilities and designs of ISA and PCI cards differ, some programming is necessary after the hardware is installed. Pro 700 Bus Extenders come with software for initialization and termination, waits and setups, input and output, interrupts, and self tests. Drivers for Windows 95/98/NT and MS-DOS are included. All are compatible with Microsoft Visual C 5.0 and Visual Basic 5.0. The software makes it easy to control I/O, interrupts, refresh signals, and self tests. Users can specify I/O waits in the program, and generate interrupts with a signal from the ISA expansion slots while verifying the status of those signals. Refresh signals can be enabled or disabled for each ISA expansion slot, and a dedicated register on the Pro 700 can be used to complete self-test routines. CYBERRESEARCH INC., Branford, CT. (800) 341-2525.


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