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Family Extends 8/32-Bit Continuum

Freescale's Flexis line got a boost with a pair of 50-MHz 32-bit MCF51QE32 V1 Cold- Fire chips. They target mobile applications and draw only 370 nA in the lowest-power stop mode. The chips have 8 kbytes of SRAM and 32 kbytes of flash; a 12-bit, 20-channel analog-to-digital converter; two SCI ports, two I2C ports, and two SPI ports; 54 general-purpose I/O (GPIO); and an internal clock. Pricing starts at $1.94. Meanwhile, Freescale released its V2 Coldfire MCF522xx family. The MCF5223x includes 100BaseT Ethernet, while the MCF5221x adds USB host and OTG support. Flash is 256 and 128 kbytes, respectively. Pricing starts at $2.84.

Freescale Semiconductor www.freescale.com

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