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Want fast Java programs? Then start with Aonix’s All-Java solution. It is especially good in hybrid environments that mix Java and C. In fact, replacing C code with Java executing in Aonix’s PERC Pico environment may actually result in significant performance advantages. This is definitely a far cry at Java’s emergence many years (decades?) ago. Aonix was showing off a demo application at their booth. It was a computation-intensive fractal program with the fractal rendering. C and PERC Pico compliant Java code were running.

Higher up the food chain is PERC Ultra. Support for PERC Ultra on Mentor Graphics’ Nucleus OS was being shown as well. PERC Ultra 5.0 delivers deterministic garbage collection technology in addition to support for the Java Version 5 standard libraries. Access to Nucleus OS via Java is also included in the package.

Aonix also updated their Eclipse-based AonixADT to version 3.2.1. It is based on the Ada Development Toolkit (ADT) Open Source Initiative. Aonix’s version supports both Aonix compilers and GNAT version 5.03a+. ADA is getting more looks because of the increased interest in safety and supportable reliability.

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