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Feature Pack Enhances Embedded Operating System

The Windows CE 5.0 Network Media Device Feature Pack may be a mouthful, but it's going to make Windows CE easier to swallow. Microsoft is working to add functionality to its popular Windows CE platform by using the Feature Pack approach, so expect more in the future. This is in lieu of adding the features via a new version of the operating system. The new features are available as shared source, and there's no additional charge for Windows CE developers.

The Network Media Device Feature Pack is designed to create multimedia platforms that include features such as digital video recording (DVR). It includes a DVR engine and middleware for managing and searching for multimedia data across the network. The media query engine provides functionality similar to that found on the Windows XP Media Center edition and its Windows Media Player application.

A multimedia browser-like application is included with the feature pack. The provided source code permits parameterized customization in addition to adding or changing the source code. The application can be the basis of a product's front end, or it can be used simply as an evaluation tool. It also provides access to the various multimedia services included in the pack.

Building a Windows CE-based multimedia isn't automatic with the pack, but it comes pretty close.


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