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Fiber-Optic Repeater Allows Star Configuration

The CAN-CR210/FO fiber-optic repeater from IXXAT Automation GmbH permits users to connect multiple units together on the integrated backbone bus. The result is a star-coupler with an almost unlimited number of channels. Besides the backbone bus, the coupler has one high-speed controller-area network (CAN) interface (ISO/IS 11898-2) and a fiber-optic interface (50/125-µm duplex). For fiber-optic use, an F-SMA or ST-Socket is available.

The repeater automatically recognizes a defective segment and disconnects it from the rest of the network so the remaining segments can continue to operate normally. After the problem is corrected, the repeater automatically switches the segment back into the network. The primary application for the CAN-CR210/FO is in the transmission of CAN messages in an environment with high electromagnetic-interference potential and the need for reliable galvanic isolation of sub-assemblies. The repeater comes in a small plastic case for dual-inline (DIN) rail mounting. It runs off a 9- to 35-V dc supply.


Contact the company for pricing and availability information.


Visit www.ixxat.de/can_cr210_en.html.

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