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Fibre Channel PMC Module Boasts User-Configurable Operation

The PMC-643 Fibre Channel PMC module is user-configurable to operate in two-channel (dual independent) or single-channel (dual redundant) modes. This unit supports Class 2 and 3 Fibre Channel protocols. In two-channel mode, the PMC-643 offers two fully independent Fibre Channel connections and can support operation of SCSI and IP or SCSI and VI on each connection. Total throughput via the front panel is 2 Gbits/s and 1 Gbit/s through the backplane on rugged conduction-cooled models. The PMC-643 maximizes high-speed communications capacity by connecting to the host basecard through a 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus. Available now, pricing for the PMC-643 module starts at $3875.

Dy 4 Systems
www.dy4.com; (613) 599-9199

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