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Find Rhapsody In The Tough Path From C To UML

The benefits of UML (Universal Modeling Language) are renowned, but migrating from C to UML can be daunting. I-Logix's Rhapsody in C targets embedded C developers, especially those working on 8- and 16-bit microprocessor-based projects.

Rhapsody for C retains the flexible UML 2.0 syntax and semantics. I-Logix created a functional orientation with additional objects that are tailored to C developers and their style of designing systems, while UML uses an object-oriented approach. The company also made it easier to incorporate legacy C code into the UML design process. The functional and object-oriented approaches are both available within the same project.

I-Logix added blocks and flows to the usual collection of graphical UML objects. There are even common C items like files. The new environment simplifies the incorporation of external code and the generation of make files accordingly. It also supports highly constrained targets, including those with no real-time operating system—often a requirement for some UML code-generation systems.

Rhapsody in C is integrated with tools from third-party vendors like Cosmic, Hitex, and Keil. These vendors all have notable 8- and 16-bit toolsets.


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