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Fingerprint Sensor Integrates With Trusted Pre-Boot Authentication Systems

Fujitsu's Full Speed USB 2.0-based MBF320 Sweep Sensor uses the TrustedCore preboot authentication (PBA), fingerprint-matching algorithms, and biometric software from Cogent Systems. The ultra-thin (16 by 6.5 by 0.9 mm) capacitive sensor has a hardened surface that can handle rugged environments. It provides 500-dpi resolution and 8-bit grayscale. Also, it consumes only 45 mW as well as only 150 µA in standby auto-finger-detect mode from 3.0 to 3.6 V. The unit provides advanced Auto-Finger Detection (AFD) circuit support along with an 8-bit analog-to-digital-converter. It supports a 24-MHz serial peripheral interface (SPI) in addition to USB 2.0. It's available in a 43-pin plastic fine-pitch ball-grid array with a patented "finger-guide" feature. Pricing starts at $6.


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