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Floating Point Compression Is At A Loss For Loss

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, MAY 2011 – Promising to speed up a wide variety of computing apps, Prism FP debuts as the first compression technology to provide lossless and near lossless compression of floating point data types. Users of high-performance computing applications like computational fluid dynamics, weather forecasting, automobile crash simulations, financial analysis, military, and genomics will benefit from Prism FP.  Essentially, any computing problem which involves solving partial differential equations using finite element analysis is a high-performance computing application, and a candidate for Prism FP.  Prism FP will be available during the second quarter for Intel-based Linux environments.  Support for CUDA, OpenCL, MPI, and OpenMP environments will be provided later in 2011. SAMPLIFY SYSTEMS INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 249-1500.

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