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FM Pallet Amplifier Delivers 300W

Designed for FM and high-definition FM radio broadcasts, the FM310-108 pallet amplifier provides a 300W CW output power, 78% collector efficiency, and a harmonic suppression of -40 dB. The amplifier enlists an MRF6V2300NBR1 LDMOS transistor and operates in temperatures ranging from -10?C to +60°C. Reportedly, its gain of 23 dB allows designers to use a lower input power, in the realm of 1.4W, thereby eliminating one or more gain stages. The FM310-108 is suitable for FM transmitter, transposer, and broadcast exciter designs and versions with connectors are available upon request. For further details and price, call RICHARDSON ELECTRONICS LTD., LaFox, IL. (800) 737-6937.


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