Electronic Design

Four PTMC Expansion Sites Populate AdvancedTCA Blade

The KatanaQp AdvancedTCA Blade server hosts a pair of MPC7448 processors in addition to four PTMC expansion sites. The PmPPC7448 processor mezzanine card plugs into Artesyn's KatanaQp. The blade features two 1.7-GHz MPC7448 processors, while the PmPPC7448 has one. Both handle up to 2 Gbytes of RAM and 64 Mbytes of flash. The mezzanine cards have three Ethernet ports. The KatanaQp, which costs $2400, includes redundant IPMI-based system-management interfaces and a 24-port Ethernet switch. The PmPPC7448 processor mezzanine card goes for $1200.


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