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Free App Eases Wi-Fi Network Access

Available at no charge, users can access what may be a breakthrough consumer service that allows any Wi-Fi enabled device, i.e., media players, VoIP phones, or game systems, to automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots and municipal networks. Via Devicescape, users now have widespread network access from all of their mobile wireless devices on the go. The service automates the connection process on any device and supports an unlimited number of networks. This automatic connection allows device appropriate content and applications to immediately initiate access. Devicescape software is available as a free download for popular devices on the company's web site. Support includes PCs with Windows XP, Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones, the Nokia 770 Web tablet, and the Linksys WIP 300 VoIP phone. Additionally, over 30 public networks are in the loop including AT&T, Atria, BT Openzone, Earthlink, Fatport, FON, Google, KPN, McCarran Airport, NTT, Opti-Fi, Orange, PT-WiFi, Softbank, Sonera HomeRun, Swisscom, Surf-and-Sip, T-Mobile, The Cloud, Union Square Wireless, Wayport (US McDonalds), WiFly, and ZRNET. In the future, the application will be embedded directly into devices, allowing them to connect automatically right out of the box. DEVICESCAPE, San Bruno, CA. (650) 829-2600.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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