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Frequency-Transmission Module Provides Switchable Output

Offering two switchable output frequencies and a footprint of measuring 5 mm x 3.2 mm x 1.38, the ET-2000CB frequency-transmission module promises to help communication manufacturers reduce the size of their equipment and shorten development lead-times for a variety of applications in markets that use short-range wireless and low-power radio bands. Groomed for near-field communications, the module integrates a crystal SAW resonator, an oscillation circuit, and an amplifier. It also integrates frequency and output-level regulation functions and delivers two different, switchable output frequencies. An output power selection mode setting enables support for both short-range wireless and specified low-power radio standards conforming to ARIB STD-T93. Specs include a supply voltage from 2V to 3.6V, an operating frequency from 300 to 450 MHz, a carrier separation from1 to 3 MHz, frequency deviation of ±40 kHz maximum, high-mode output power of -3 to +4 dBm, and a low-mode output from -21 to -15 dBm. Commercial development of the ET-2000CB is scheduled for the first half of 2009. EPSON ELECTRONICS AMERICA INC., El Segundo, CA. (800) 249-7730.


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