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Full Software Line Now Supports ARM Cortex Family

The complete product suite from Green Hills Software Inc. is now available for the ARM Cortex family of processors. The products involved include the MULTI integrated development environment, a DSO tool set for embedded software developers; compilers; the Integrity, velOSity, and µ-velOSity real-time operating systems, which support applications from the most resource-constrained and cost-sensitive devices up to systems requiring the ultimate in reliability and security; the Green Hills probe and SuperTrace probe for debugging using the ARM CoreSight debug port; and the TimeMachine tool suite, which uses the ARM CoreSight trace port to allow debugging forwards and backwards in time.

The ARM Cortex processor family comprises three series, all of which implement the Thumb-2 instruction set to address the increasing performance and cost demands of various markets. The ARM Cortex-A series includes application processors for complex OS and user applications. The ARM Cortex-R series embedded processors are for real-time systems. Finally, the ARM Cortex-M series of deeply embedded processors are optimized for cost-sensitive applications. For more information, go to www.ghs.com.

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