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Gang Programmer Provides Support For 48 Devices Simultaneously

Simultaneous universal device support for up to 48 28F400 devices is provided with the high-speed Matrix gang programmer, a rugged and versatile production tool developed for all types of programming applications. Available in memory and universal configurations, the device comes with four or eight sockets and units can be linked together to provide up to 48 programming sites. All programming sites are completely independent, meaning that any problem with any device will not halt the production line.
Programming times find up to 48 28F400 devices, taking just four seconds to program and 2.5 seconds to verify. The system can program more than 5000 different devices, including over 400 microcontrollers, PALs, GALs, and complex programmable logic as well as EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flash, Serial PROMs, NOVRAM, and BPROMs. Pricing starts at $3295.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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