Wireless Systems Design

Gen2 UHF RFID Reader Fits Portable Applications

WJ Communications’ new MPR7040 is a reader/interrogator unit for RFID applications. It operates in the 923-925 MHz band and is targeted at the Singapore market. This 1 watt device includes the RF, digital circuitry and embedded firmware required for EPC Class 0, Class 1 Gen1 and 0+ Zuma, and ISO 18000-6C (UFH Gen2) international standards. The MPR7040 is designed to be plugged into a PCMCIA Type II socket wired for serial communications. The reader is operated using WJ's Graphical User Interface program that uses a simple powerful command set that allows users to build custom applications fast via an open source DLL. WJ has a complete line of RFID readers for different standards and countries.

WJ Communications

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