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Gesture Suite Now Available For Linux

Gesture Suite Now Available For Linux

The latest extension of Synaptics’ Gesture Suite, SGS for Linux (SGS-L), brings the popular application into the Linux zone. Compatible Linux variations include Fedora, Millos Linpus, Red Flag, SLED 11 (SuSE), Ubuntu, and Xandros. Naturally, the app supports a wide range of pointing enhancements and gestures including two-finger scrolling, PinchZoom, TwistRotate, PivotRotate, three-finger flick, three-finger press, Momentum, and ChiralScrolling. Bundled with an enhanced driver interface, SGS-L is free of charge to Synaptics’ OEM/ODM partners when ordered with Synaptics TouchPad and ClickPad products. Synaptics, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 454-5100.


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