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Gigabit Ethernet And Fibre Channel IC Features Four Transceivers

Four complete transceiver functions are housed within the VSC7185 Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel IC. A quad dual-data-rate transceiver, this device contains four transmitters. Each of these accepts a 10-bit 8B/10B-encoded word input on a 5-bit bus using both clock transitions and serializes the data for transmission. Upon receiving the data serially, the four individual receivers perform the reverse functions.

Manufacturers of high-density system architectures that require compliance with the IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet specifications will benefit from implementing the VSC7185. It will be useful for devices such as network switches, routers, host adapters, and stackable and backplane interconnection equipment.

Components of the chip include four 5-bit SSTL-2-compatible parallel data and clock interfaces. These cut the number of pins required for an ASIC connection in half, as compared to 10-bit transceivers. The VSC7185 can operate from 1.05 to 1.36 Gbits/s per channel.

Among this IC's other features are a common transmit byte clock and a TTL or PECL reference clock input. The chip also boasts a one-tenth baud-rate capability per channel for clock recovery and comma detection, and a common comma-detection enable input. There's a common serial/parallel loopback control, receive cable equalization, and a JTAG access port as well. In addition, the VSC7185 offers typical random jitter of only 5 ps rms and typical deterministic jitter of 35 ps p-p. With operation from a 3.3-V supply, the chip typically dissipates only 2.5 W.

Priced under $30 each in 1000-unit quantities, the chip comes in a 208-pin 23-mm BGA package. Production quantities are now available.

Vitesse Semiconductor Corp., 741 Calle Plano, Camarillo, CA 93012; (805) 388-3700; fax (805) 987-5896; Internet:

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