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Gigabit Ethernet Switch Raises Density Bars

Providing wide expansion capabilities, the SVME/DMV-680 SwitchBlade multi-layer Gigabit Ethernet switch enters the market as the first VMEbus, conduction-cooled, non-blocking, full-duplex switch that can scale up to 24 ports of wire-speed performance in a single slot. The base card comes with either 12 or 20 ports, and an option adds another four ports that can be configured as Gigabit Ethernet ports, fiber-optic (SX or LX) ports to the front panel I/O, or as Fast Ethernet ports to the rear panel. For larger port counts, users can cascade two or more cards. The switch automatically adapts port speeds from 10 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s or, for increased data rates, two or more ports can be aggregated. Management and control software allows for remote configuration, monitoring, and upgrades through a secure set of interfaces. Networking features include virtual LANs, spanning tree algorithms, security, IP multicasting, intelligent routing, quality of service, priority scheduling, and network management. Available in Q3, pricing starts at $7,995. For more details, contact Jerri-Lynne Klassen at DY 4 SYSTEMS, Ontario, Canada. (613) 254-5112.

Company: DY 4 SYSTEMS

Product URL: Click here for more information

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