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Wireless Systems Design

Glossary Of Terms

The following is a glossary of the terms referenced in this article:

  • ADC - analog-to-digital converter
  • COTS - commercial off-the-shelf
  • DAC - digital-to-analog converter
  • DDC - digital downconverter
  • DUC - digital upconverter
  • ePMC - Enhanced PCI Mezzanine Card
  • FPGA - field-programmable gate array
  • JTRS - Joint Tactical Radio System
  • LVDS - low-voltage differential signal
  • PCI - Peripheral Computer Interconnect
  • PMC- PCI Mezzanine Card
  • RTOS - real-time operating system
  • SCA - software communications architecture
  • SDR - software-defined radio

For more information pertaining to software-defined-radio technology, check out the following Web sites:


This site provides general information on the Joint Tactical Radio System.


Go to this site to download a copy of the Solano IC datasheet.


The official SDR Forum Web site offers information into ongoing work on SDR technology, research activities, joint developments, and new products.

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