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GPS Receiver Modules Add Reliable Network Assist

Enlarging the CW25 series GPS receiver modules are the CW25-NAV and CW25-ULS GPS that, like their predecessors, provide a complete GPS receiver with an embeddable architecture that requires minimal external components in a surface-mount package measuring 25 mm x 27 mm x 4 mm. Both modules are identical with the exception of the CW25-ULS, which features the ability to access network-assist data to lock in on satellite signals as low as -155 dBm. The network assist feature requires acquisition of ephemeris data from a central basestation located in the region. Features common to both receivers include the ability to track signals down to 157 dBm and to acquire GPS lock with signals down to -143 dBm. This level of performance allows them to maintain positional fixes in extremely weak GPS signal areas such as beneath thick foliage, dense urban canyons, and inside buildings. Prices for the CW25-NAV and CW25-ULS are $40 and $44 each/1,000, respectively. NAVSYNC LTD., Aurora, IL. (630) 851-4722.


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