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Graphics Card Works In Harsh Environments

Supplied in three levels of ruggedization for commercial or military applications, the M585 Multi-Standard Graphics/Video PMC is a COTS mezzanine card that provides 2D and 3D graphics processing. It includes extensive encoding and decoding capabilities to accommodate multiple channels of video input. A variety of industry-standard high-resolution signals outputs are provided. The card is based on the 3Dlabs Permedia3 graphics processor which is supported by a 32 MB SDRAM frame buffer. Together with a multifunction memory architecture, it enables high-quality 3D polygon and texture acceleration, and the unification of 2D graphics and video operations in the same execution pipeline. The card accepts video signals from up to nine NSTC/PAL composite video inputs or up to three S-video digital inputs. Outputs include standard analog RGB, non-interlaced RGBHV, and RGsB supporting screen resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200 (UXGA). Price starts at $4,475 each. AITECH DEFENSE SYSTEMS INC., Chatsworth, CA. (888) 248-3248.


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