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GSM-Based Tracker Uses u-blox Receiver

LandAirSea Systems has introduced a miniature, battery-powered, GSM-based real-time vehicle tracking unit featuring u-blox 5 GPS technology from the Switzerland-based u-blox. The 8100G tracking device is based on the 8100, which employs CDMA technology, but adds GSM capability, allowing LandAirSea to expand its customer base beyond the U.S. and Canada.

The u-blox GPS receiver in the unit boasts 2-m position accuracy and –160-dBm sensitivity, which enables accurate, reliable tracking even in difficult signal environments. The portable, self-contained device measures approximately 1 by 2 by 3.75 inches and is powered by a rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery. It also can be hard-wired for permanent applications. The 8100G features live 1-s updates, a motion sensor, a wiring harness for permanent installation, in- and out-of-zone geo-fencing with text message and/or e-mail notification, and a data logging function that enables remote downloads.

“We have been working with u-blox GPS technology for more than six years and have always been extremely pleased with the quality and performance of their receivers,” said Rob Wagner, CEO of LandAirSea. “For our new tracker we did extensive testing of other available GPS technology and found u-blox’s new u-blox 5 receivers to be clearly superior, both in price and performance.”

Samples of the 8100G are available through LandAirSea’s website. Volume shipments are scheduled for Q2 2008.

LandAirSea Systems

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