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Hard-Drive Family Goes Low (Cost) Or High (Performance)

The Momentus Line of 2.5-in. hard disks from Seagate delivers a range of options. At the high end, the Momentus 7200.1 is a 7200-rpm disk with up to 100-Mbyte capacities. It targets small-form-factor PCs, laptops, and non-mission-critical blade servers.

The 5400-rpm Momentus 5400.2 offers the power efficiency of a 4500-rpm drive with capacities up to 120 Gbytes. The 4200-rpm Momentus 4200.2 also is available in capacities up to 120 Gbytes. The disk's low price suits it for less expensive mobile devices, including external storage devices.

The drives are extremely quiet. The 7200.1 is around 2.5 dB below the 2.6 dB detectable by the human ear. The other two drives are even quieter. All of the drives use a ramp load parking area that protects the head and disk from damage when the heads are parked (see the figure).

Pricing starts at $265.


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